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Scottish artist Samuel Peploe’s infatuation with colour endured until the end, writes Jan Patience

Origins of the Fleming Collection, by Jackie Wullschlager

Peploe: daring British modernist and greatest still life painter in British History by Jackie Wullschlager

J.D. Fergusson’s American Exhibitions by Avis Berman, courtesy of JStor

Tim Cornwell on the trail of F.C.B. Cadell, courtesy of The Scotsman

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  • Cadell
    Francis Cadell was born in Edinburgh on 12 April 1883 at 4 Buckingham Terrace... Read More
  • Peploe
    Peploe was born at 39 Manor Place, Edinburgh on 27 January 1871, the son of Robert Luff Peploe... Peploe
  • Hunter
    [George] Leslie Hunter was the only one of the Colourists who was not associated with Edinburgh... Read More